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Friday, February 29, 2008

Blackjack online & How to beat the casino

This blackjack online campaign came to me through ReviewMe. Otherwise I would not go out to search for casino games on internet. After checking it out, I found there are lots of flash games available from their website, not only casino games.

The difference of online casino and the real one, I think is the spectacular and luxury environment the real casino provides, and the convenience the online one provides. No matter how, the bank always has some edge over us players.

Though human kinds love to enjoy the thrill of gambling, I suggest you to keep it under your financial ability especially for the online one. It was too convenient, and you might bet too much into it all alone, without communicates with your parterners.

Gambling is the origin of statistics and probability study. Science had shown us human is not good at assess probability. We tend to overconfident and regret aversion. So the best way to beat the casino is to bet on low probaility and high odds games. If you can read chinese, try this article of mine. Or use online translation here.

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